The bananas are really nutritious and best food fruit there is and they give you many benefits. They are called also super food.

It has many vitamins, nutrients, minerals and natural sugars like fructose and sucrose among a load of fibers too. If an apple a day is healthy, banana is much more.
The facts for bananas are:

Calories- 89
Cal. From fat -3
Total fat- 0
Saturated fat-0
Trans fat-0
Sodium-1 mg
Carbs- 23 g
Fiber- 3g
Sugar-12 g
Protein – 1 g
Vitamin A- 1%
Calcium- 1%
Vitamin C-15%
Iron- 1%

By statistics, the banana is most consumed fruit there is in USA, even more than apples or oranges. Usually we buy them still green, but those brownish or with spots are way better, when they are riper.

Majority of people avoid these brown bananas. But they are healthiest! They have a lot of TNF.What is TNF?

the riper the banana, the more TNF it has. This TNF fights cancer successfully, and fights bad cells.

It is good to know that this also promotes good links between the cells in the body. It also makes the cells move toward any inflamed area inside.

A study has shown that riper bananas with TNF slow down tumor growings and even stop it by creating apoptosis cell death. With this, the bananas have a lot of antioxidants.

They make the immune system strong and boost the white blood cells too. So if you see a brown banana, eat it instead a green one, besides health, you get energy too.
More reasons for eating bananas:

Blood pressure or heartburn: they have low sodium levels and a lot potassium, so they protect the heart and pressure
For energy they are great. They offer vitamins, minerals, and low glycemia carbs so it is fast quick energy. Eat them before or after workouts. The potassium makes the muscle cramps soothed.
Against anemia: they fight it and give your body a lot of iron. This makes more hemoglobin and red blood cells and makes immunity stronger
For ulcers: if you suffer from stomach ulcers, you have to avoid some foods. But, you can always eat bananas and have no stomach pain. They are soft, creamy and smooth and soothe the inside lining. This makes the stomach protected from many corrosive materials.
For depression: they have tryptophan that fights depression. With this the serotonin activates and that is a good neurotransmitter. Improve the mood and have a banana.
Against constipation: the banana has a great content for bowel improving movements. And this relieves the constipation.
No PMS problems: the moodiness and stress are unavoidable sometimes. Banana has a lot of vitamin B and that relaxes the nervous system.
Good basal temperature: this fruit makes your body temperature good, no matter summer or winter.

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