Most of the people say "snakes cant love" and most people will say that snakes don’t recognize their owners over other people. But it is also common knowledge that snakes "see" heat. So it may possible that a snake could learn to recognize one person’s heat pattern, thus allowing it to identify its owner. Is it possible intimate relation between human and snake? If think like that this video will change all your former ideas about the snake.
Here in this video, you can see a snake handler reads and plays football with cobras. The name of this snake loving person is Abu Zarin Hussin, 32, from Pahang, Malaysia and he became a professional snake handler while working in his local fire service.

This man spends his days looking after cobras and carrying out activities with the snakes which some would think are impossible. It is not possible for him to read the mind of the snakes because he spent a lot of time with them. The handler educates people about the behaviour of the snakes due to his lifelong experiences of looking after them.

Source: Snake whisperer reads and plays football with cobras by Caters_News on Rumble

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