Man can born with bizarre outer appearance that should not be neglected as they are innocent in this world. Tragic four-year-old Bayezid Hossain has been born with an incredibly rare condition that has left him looking like an 80-year-old man. The little boy\\\’s condition means he suffers from a swollen face, sagging skin, aching joints and hollow eyes - which he may never find a cure for.

Bayezid, from Magura in southern Bangladesh also has difficulties passing urine and already has weak and broken teeth. Bayzid loves playing soccer and cuddling with his grandfather, but, in a medical mystery, the Bangladeshi boy looks more like his elder relative than he does a young child.

His 18-year-old mother, Tripti Khatun, who was only aged 14 when she gave birth to him, is amazed at her son’s mental abilities but is devastated when she looks at him - even saying he \\\"looked like an alien\\\" when he was born.

Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disorder in which symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age. Progeria is one of several progeroid syndromes. Those born with progeria typically live to their mid-teens to early twenties. It is a genetic condition that occurs as a new mutation, and is rarely inherited, as carriers usually do not live to reproduce.

The family has tried different types of medications, but nothing helped their son. One local doctor believes he can make a full recovery, but that the potentially expensive medication could hold up treatment. Bayzid was born skinny and weak, his father said, and his health is unstable.

People in the village talk of the curse and evil powers. They avoid the odd child, and it makes the life of the family only harder. They lack the support their community could have offered the young couple. We have to be aware that there is nothing evil about unusual children or an old baby like this.

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