Speech is the single most powerful way for a child to interact with her environment. Verbal communication will become a toddler’s most powerful tool and they starts to know something that is he finds his surroundings. At this age, he starts to invent human relations and follow all the activities of the human that he sees. There are some topics that you might find difficult to talk to your kids about. things like making babies, staying away from drugs and homosexuals.
Here in this video, this little boy in the video is about to meet a gay couple for the first time. Now he is in a great problem and confused about the spouse. His reaction is nothing short of brilliant but fun to us. The truth is kids are pretty innocent and non-judgemental, it’s only a hard topic because you make it hard. After meeting with this couple, he couldn’t help but show his surprise. Then, he had some questions- Your husband’s a boy? You’re both husbands? So, that means you love each other? It was a great matter of thinking. At the end of his talking, he left the place for starting game.
It is really heartwarming to watch, and you won’t regret it. It is also a surprise to the society because it is out of the rule of nature.
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