Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Thursday advised Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina to remain watchful about the people around her.
“Prime minister has realised, even if to some extent, that Awami League leaders were involved in the killing of 15 August 1975. So, there is no point of levelling allegations against others. Remain vigilant about the people around you [Hasina],” Rizvi told a media briefing at the party’s Naya Paltan headquarters.
The press conference was convened apparently to rebut the prime minister’s allegation that the BNP’s founder Ziaur Rahman had a part in the conspiracy hatched to bar her from entering Bangladesh in 1981.
Hasina made the allegation on Wednesday when leaders of Awami League and its associate bodies went to her official residence Ganabhaban to greet her on the occasion of her homecoming day.
Asking Hasina to stop pointing finger at others, the BNP leader said, “You rather free democracy what you have shackled, return people’s rights, and return people’s voting rights.”
He went on to say, “Give up the plan to stage a lopsided election again -- something that you are cherishing -- and hand over power to a neutral government to pave the way for holding a free, fair and credible general election.”
In reference to Hasina’s allegation that Zia tried to bar her from entering Bangladesh, Rizvi said, “How did you [Hasina] then enter Bangladesh in 1981 when the proclaimer of independence, Ziaur Rahman, was at the helm of state?”
He further said, “Ziaur Rahman was killed inside 13 days of your return. People believe it as well that the patronisers of you [Hasina] killed the best son of the liberation war - Ziaur Rahman - to remove the obstacle on the way of you.”
Rizvi also criticised the government for sending the party’s vice chairman Barkatullah Bulu to jail, saying, “It is the extended manifestation of politics of vengeance being practiced by the ruling AL.”

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